May 05, 1512
About reporter
Slightly loose around the edges, comical, full of engergy.The daughter of Swen and his ex-wife. With a mind, Sirtip became a correspondent reporter for Nestree News when she was only 15 (T.H.1510). She then became the Entertainment Reporter fifteen years later.

Happical Zoo—the all-time subject of people’s talks since its grand opening—again, did not let us down. It caused a massive sensation during the first few months and continues to trend strongly now. Even the royal VIP guests from foreign countries can be seen lining up, creating a unique scene for the local residents.

Tiger’s Sudden Voice Change Shocks Visitors!

Several visitors were quite surprised to discover their favorite animal at Happical Zoo had disappeared from its previous habitat. Turns out, the “King Spokesperson” tiger had merely been relocated to a remote corner of the zoo. In addition, his once, low-bass sexy roar had suddenly become high-pitched and squeaky, as if he had downed several bottles of laughing gas! It was a rather comical sight that induced more than its share of debate and spectacle, drawing more and more people into the tiger’s surroundings. Regarding the sudden change in habitat and change in voice, the Corporation has yet to step out to clarify the air, thus rumors and speculations continue to spread through the grapevine.